The Legend of Zelda celebrates its 25th anniversary today|th

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The Legend of Zelda celebrates its 25th anniversary today|th

Postby MatthewKa » Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:17 pm

It's a long story, but an old roommate of mine has an extra ticket and assures me that I'll be able to work from the hotel at night, so as long as she can get the name on the reservation changed, off I go with her! I've never been to Puerto Rico, and the last time I spent any kind of lululemon outlet significant time on the beachwell, I think it was sometime circa 2003. But an offer like that is impossible to refuse, so my mind is reeling trying to think of what I'd pack, should things work out in my favor
Those who thought studs were over and done with (including myself) should think again. After seeing the embellished bags from Fall 2010 at NYFW, it's clear that we are still heavily into studs, chains and embellishment. Shortly thereafter, Danielle crashes a playdate between Jacqueline and Teresa's children (and inexplicably brings Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys her own kids, who are easily old enough to entertain themselves at home) and continues to act like, you cheap authentic nfl jerseys guessed it, a teenage girl. She knows she wants to break up with her boyfriend? (who Teresa says doesn't actually like her and just shows up to have sex, which I completely believe), and she knows that she's going to, but she has to be dramatic and have a sit-down with her girlfriends about it.
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Verizon to Offer Open Network Option|verizon to offer open n

Postby MatthewKa » Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:24 pm

Or a no-name, for that matter! It's a battle of lamb bags, and I'm torn between the retro and the renewed. Furry bags are not my thing, but even I have to admit this one-of-a-kind piece from the 1960s (at Byronesque for $4,355) is too amazing to deny. An even bigger surprise: the fascinating back story. This custom bag was made in the 60's and decades later was discovered at the home of Pete Burns (of the ?€?80s band Dead or Alive, for all you young snobs!) and brought over to Byronesque. Until now, the bag has only been shown to designers for inspiration, not for sale. We're all about brands around here, but the mystery that comes with a one of a kind vintage piece Christian Louis Vuitton Shoes is kind of alluring. A basic frame bag of gorgeous lamb's wool cascading into a perfect orb is anything but basic. It also comes with a clear pouch attached inside, which makes for a super-chic, mid-century modern touch.From the anonymous to the ultimate in recognizable monikers, this Alexander McQueen Mongolian shearling clutch (at Bergdorf Goodman for $1,975) is almost the exact same bag, right? I wonder if Sarah Burton caught a glimpse of its ancestor, which ships right out of London! While this fur-ocious little bag has McQueen's trademark skull peeking out from the fluff, it could use a strap. Clutch form doesn't make as much sense; you don't want to be touching that tuft of pristine fur all the time. Strap or no strap, name or no name, I'm going for the vintage in this case!
Hors d'oeuvres and cocktails were served as the guests mingled and boarded the aircraft and a luxury motor home that Strategic Air provides. The guests chatted and as we Cheap Louis Vuitton Purses made our way around I realized that flying with the Deltas and US Airways is not comparable to flying privately. When you fly privately you are treated like royalty, especially by Strategic Air.
I'm going to be honest here, I don't think I ever heard the name Camila Alves until she started dating Matthew McConaughey. So, when Megs recently mentioned that Alves has her own line of handbags, I was instantly intrigued. Thankfully, the internet makes information gathering so easy (really, what would we do with out it,) that within a couple searches, I found out quite a bit
Ramona reminded all of us that she had already told Jill that Kelly wouldn't be on the island when she got there, so, uh…darn. Time to come up with a new justification for showing up, Jill! We all know that she just did it because she can't stand it when stuff happens without her, so she might as well admit it.
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