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Postby RobertVag » Fri Jun 06, 2014 7:46 pm

hat is the most embarressing thing ever. look at the poll results. omg. why didnt they let us vote on it instead of some overpriced undereducated marketing guru who wanted to be PC and not call someone a felon. deal with it, this is Oklahoma City, boomtown, landrun city america, gunfights and outlaws are just as much a part of our history and the freaking weather. what a joke. September , at : am AJ says: I personally like the name and the colors, however I must admit the logo needs some work. After reading some of the posts on this forum it doesn t surprise me to see intellectually dishonest people posting their opinions about Oklahoma. All I can say from experience is that higher population doesn t equate people being more intellectual, more refined, and living happier lives. I have traveled and visited most of the big cheap soccer jerseys cities in our country and parts of western Europe and I can tell you Oklahoma is a great place to live and raise a family for many reasons, and we just found more. G. O SOONERS, GO THUNDER. September , at : am WILSONOKC says: I agree with the bison as a mascot. Think about it, when bison trample across the Oklahoma landscape, IT SOUNDS LIKE THUNDER. I think thats cool in my opinion . September , at : am maverick says: The name is a travesty and insult cheap nfl jerseys to professional sports. If I lived in OKC, my excitement of finally getting a pro franchise would be extremely tempered. September , at : am Mike says: I think all this complaining cheap mlb jerseys and whining is rediculous. First of all, WHO CARES what the name is. Seriously. There are a lot of stupid names in all sports if you think about it, but after a while, they grow on you and it becomes second nature without thinking about it. Then Ok . for all you Seatle folk . obveously soccer jerseys cheap your oppinion and support do not matter that much because you couldn t keep the team in Seatle to begin with. I m not saying that OKC can either . only time will tell. But it sounds to me most of you are just sore losers because you lost a dying team with absolutely no support. How embarrassing will it be for your city when the Thunder have been in OKC for many years and Seatle still hasn t got a team. September , at : am Corey says: Worst. Logo. Ever. September , cheap authentic soccer jerseys at : pm Tim says: OKC has just stolen Wichita s Thunder. Thanks for the slap in the face to the People of the City of Wichita. September , at : pm dodaddy says: How about the Oklahoma City Incest. September , at : pm Beth says: I too wish our NBA team had been given a bette

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