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Cheap For Honor Steel Credits Some of the daily contracts in For Honor require you to rack up a certain number of honorable kills. However the game doesn’t go into detail on what exactly that means. This article covers For Honor honorable kills so you can complete those contracts and reap the benefits. Unfortunately it takes a lot to be honorable in For Honor so read on to find out just how much you have to sacrifice.

For Honor is a new kind of game for a lot of people and some have been wondering how to revive. This article covers how to revive in For Honor so you can bring your fallen allies back from the grave. While reviving a teammate in For Honor may seem fairly straightforward there are instances in which it’s not possible to revive so we’ll cover those as well.

How to Get Honorable Kills

In order to get honorable kills in For Honor you must defeat an enemy alone with your weapon and without any shenanigans. That means you can’t kill someone who was already damage by another teammate or knock someone off a cliff or into an environmental hazard. It has to be a 1-on-1 battle with only your weapon and your honor to lead you to victory.

When a member of your team dies in For Honor you will sometimes have the ability to revive them. You can revive a fallen teammate if they were killed without an execution. However if your teammate was executed they will have a red skull icon over their body and there’s no way to bring them back to life and they’ll have a slightly longer respawn timer. This is why executing an opponent is important because it limits the other team’s options.

If your teammate has not been executed you have a limited time in which you can revive them. Simply head over to the fallen teammate stand over their body and hold the button icon represented over their dead body.Buy For Honor Steel Credits By default the revive button is Circle on the PlayStation 4 and B on the Xbox One so all you have to do is stand over the body of your fallen ally and hold Circle or B to revive them.

Certain armor will increase the speed at which you can revive a teammate. Some gear will even let you revive in one second or less making it very useful in multiplayer matches. Once you reach level 21 with a character you should have an armor set that allows for fast revives so you can easily switch to it before a match.
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