Auto Chess mobile features no gameplay changes

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Auto Chess mobile features no gameplay changes

Postby mmocs » Fri Apr 19, 2019 3:07 am

It’s Friday, January 4. A new custom-made game joins a seemingly endless list of ‘Arcade’ games in the Dota 2 client, most of which are just troll-y, ‘play once for the sake of it’ mods. Not this new one, though. After months of development Drodo Studio, a Chinese publisher made up of just a handful of people, is ready to publish their take on combat in the Dota universe: Auto Chess.

Skip forward three months, and what once was seen as just a mod has grown into quite the phenomenon. A few days ago, Auto Chess crossed 7 million installations - viewed in the Steam Workshop as ‘subscribers’ - averaging growth of over 80,000 players per day. Streamers picked up the game quickly too, to the point that Twitch even made it its own category. With a strong, growing community behind it, and a recent partnership to develop a mobile game, everything seems to be going Drodo Studio’s way.

An important note from this art is that the classifications for each piece remain the same. The Chinese characters under each character list their respective race and class, with each one coinciding with the Dota Auto Chess original. This means that fans can likely expect the mobile version of Auto Chess to play almost identically to the original. Buy Cheap Dota Auto Chess Candy on with Cheap Price and Safe Payment.

The biggest change to the mobile game comes with the removal of the courier in-game. Likely due to the limitations of Dota 2’s user-made game modes, Dota Auto Chess has players handle their pieces through a courier. The mobile version seems to remove that barrier and uses couriers strictly as avatars.The UI also received an extensive overhaul. In addition to the removal of the courier, the HUD has been rearranged to put primary statistics such as player health and piece synergies on the left side of the screen. The right side is used for the micromanagement of individual pieces, including inventory and statistics.

The game automatically enters the first stage of preparation. At the beginning of the preparation phase of each turn, players will automatically get a chance to draw a card. Each time, five one-star heroes will be randomly selected from the caliper, which may be repeated. Players can use their gold coins to buy their favorite pieces. All players use the same common card pool, and the number of heroes is completely fixed. After the preparation stage, players will enter the five-second waiting stage. At this stage, players cannot move or change the pieces on the court, but can eliminate the pieces on the court. After the waiting stage, the game will enter the combat phase. The battle carries on completely automatically, as the influence victory or defeat factor mainly has the lineup and the formation. The player who lives to the end will be declared the winner.
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