air max 2016 rose How to Protect Your Traffic How

air max 2016 rose How to Protect Your Traffic How

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How to Protect Your Traffic
We've written about the Google Penguin Update and what the sites that were hurt by it have in common,air max one all black, but with today's post we'd like to discuss some steps you can take to protect your organic search traffic,air max thea premium beige, and even improve it. Please feel free to share anyadditionaltips you have in the comments section!
The mere mention of an update to Google's search algorithm is enough to inspire fear in the hearts of many internet marketers, bloggers and webmasters. For those who make a living off ad revenue and affiliate sales,air max 1, being ranked highly on Google is critical to success. In fact,air max fille, being de-indexed by Google has been referred to as "internet death". When a site is de-indexed its content becomes invisible to search users, which translates into traffic almost completely vanishing. The following advice will assist you in avoiding such a nightmare situation.
When the update known as Penguin was released, many anxiously awaited to see the impact it would have on their traffic. A good number of these people were just now recovering from Google's previous algorithm update, Panda. While the aftermath of the former update was nothing short of cataclysmic, Penguin seems to be much more mild in comparison. This is likely due to many webmasters learning from the lessons taught by Panda. The main focus of this update appears to be backlink spam and keyword stuffing.
Avoid Black-Hat Backlinking Services
Even before the release of Penguin, Google sent a strong signal that paid backlinking services will not be tolerated. This sent shock waves across the SEO community and signified things to come. Google designed Penguin to more effectively weed out sites with backlink profiles determined to be unnatural and intended to game the system.
Never use automated software and services to build vast amounts of low quality links in a short amount of time. Penguin sniffs these out like a shark smells blood. This kind of linking strategy is blatantly unnatural and will almost guarantee a stiff penalty. Instead focus on backlinking methods that Google views as natural,nike air max 16, such as guest writing on blogs and websites that fall under the same niche category as the content you are trying to rank.
The Death of Exact Match Anchor Text
Penguin has made it clear that link diversity is essential for surviving Google's wrath. This is especially true when it comes to choosing anchor text. The majority of the sites punished by Penguin had one thing in common; the blatant exploitation of exact match keywords. This was once considered perfectly sound SEO strategy for dominating specific keywords,nike air max 2011, but has since become tainted by black hat services spamming irrelevant anchor text to exploit Google's algorithm. Keyword anchor text can still be used but in smaller doses. A general rule of thumb is to have exact match anchor text make up under 50% of your total link profile.
A former holy grail of SEO has now become detrimental to success. Stuffing a whole host of keywords together and producing sloppy, low content articles will now prove toxic to your traffic. Google views this as a blatant act of spamming and punishes it severely. The safest route is to pick just a few keywords and strategically place them throughout your content. Make sure your keywords do not seem forced or out of place. Do not treat an article as filler to place keywords. Great unique content and social media tools tend to deliver natural links that Google loves. Excellent content and niche relevant,air max bleu et blanc, high level links will do wonders for making your site stand out in an internet that is cluttered with spam and money hungry affiliate marketers.
If you're reading this post you're already off to a great start because you're on the best site to source quality content that will make the Penguin happy. Order some custom content or browse the catalog featuring thousands of unique articles today!

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