Returning Maplestory M player after a long hiatus

Returning Maplestory M player after a long hiatus

Postby Cszcy » Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:13 am

There are several techniques to do this: Simply give out the reward after some number of unsuccessful tries. By way of instance, Cassandra should give you the seat (rather than a candy) when you've tried long enough. For another instance, for the Hunter's Club, when you finish your 150th race, Shimo should tell you, "Wow, you're great at this! For that, I'll allow you to select one of my treasures," and let you pick a single Maple Mobile Mesos .

Give some kind of token for each completed job, and let buying any of the rewards (in a unique shop) if you have gathered enough tokens. This may be refined into giving not just one token, but some number of them, depending on how imply RNG was to you. As an example, for your Hunter's Club, each Rabbit thing comes with 4 "disappointment coins", Dogs include 2, Hogs with 1, and anything greater than that provides no coins in any way. Increase the likelihood of finding the reward with every unsuccessful attempt, until you're guaranteed to find the good rewards on the last day in case you did the occasion daily and have not gotten them yet.

I hope this belongs here. Ok so. . I was an avid player when I was younger. You're going back maybe 13 or so years now pre-Nexon. During time, I would play for a length of time, have a rest, uninstall the game, download it again after a time, and begin the cycle again. The last time I had one of those lengthy play-throughs was three or four years back, and holy crap how everything has changed -- visually that's.

I have a few questions because I feel out-of-the-loop here. I recall starting off on beginner island (or whatever More About Maplestory Mesos was called) and having to get to level 10 before sending off to Lith Harbor. I also remember trying to have a newcomer character remain on that island.
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